Catherine Balet: Strangers #3 / From the series "Strangers in the light"

#Snapshot | 21.08.2014-18.01.2015

The Internet has fundamentally changed photography. Never in history have people created so many photographs to such vast and immediate audiences as today. Never before has the individual snapshot taken by ordinary men and women had such global political impacts. Photographs have become integral in all forms of our communication. Today, sharing pictures is as important as creating them. 

Although technological changes, such as digitalization, the Internet, smart phones, and metadata have changed the concept of photography, the needs and desires behind taking photos have remained surprisingly similar. We still use photographs to enhance our memories, to construct our identities, to find love, and to stay in touch with those close to us. With photographs we try to influence the world that surrounds us. And just like before, we want to create business with photographs. 



Erik Kessels: 24hrs in Photos

This exhibition is about the photographs we all capture and share – selfies, cat photos, and holiday snaps. Not forgetting snapshots of tragedies and snapshots with political impacts. Selected pictures from the museum’s archives provide a historical context to the photographs of today. The changing photography culture is made tangible in interactive installations and snapshots, as well as in contemporary artwork by Catherine Balet, Erik Kessels, Niklas Kullström, and Sisse Stroyer.

Exhibition's publication #Snapshot - Cameras amongst us looks at the snapshot culture from several angles and answers the questions of why we take photos and how photos are used these days.

The exhibition has been designed and implemented in co-operation with Futurice; University of Tampere School of Communication, Media and Theatre; and Aalto University Department of Media Technology. The exhibition is part of Helsinki Festival 2014 and is sponsored by Ifolor and EIT ICT Labs.




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