March 2018



Andrei Lajunen: On Certainty

The photographic artist Andrei Lajunen (1969–1999) considered the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's works On Certainty and Remarks on Colour to be some of the most important influences behind his artistic thinking and practice. The set of works, on view at our museum's collection corner Kuvakulma, was created during Lajunen's first years of study at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. NB! Exhibition closed Wed, Jan 24 – Sun, Jan 28.


Karl Henrik Edlund, from the series Bright Hours

Karl Henrik Edlund: Bright Hours

Bright Hours refers to something past – an uncertain place that does not exist, something fragile and indefinite. The project is based on Karl Henrik Edlund's journeys to the Arctic North and northwest Russia in 2008–2013. The series also contains photographs from Edlund's everyday life in Saint Petersburg and the Åland islands.


Photo: Leevi Toija

Photofuss: I am on vacation.

Photofuss, the youth group of The Finnish Museum of Photography, presents photographic material from a holiday spent in everyday life. The exhibition is on view at the museum's Process Space.



Does it feel familiar? – Photographs of everyday life in Finland

What does your everyday life feel like: the morning rush-hour or a sleep-in in the morning, lunch at the canteen or a quickly grabbed ready meal from the shop? In 2016, ten photographers documented everyday Finnish life, each from their own personal point of view. The starting point was to comment on the increasing inequality in Finnish society. People may find some of the stories captured in the images easy to relate to, while others may be more remote.


(c) Heidi Piiroinen

Heidi Piiroinen: The Invisibles – Story of a Beggar Family

For 10 years, photographer Heidi Piiroinen and journalist, author Kimmo Oksanen have been following the life of Romanian Mihaela Stoica and her family and siblings in Finland, Romania, Greece, Estonia and France. Through the personal story of Mihaela, the exhibition deals with larger societal issues and the phenomenon of Romanian people leaving their homes and becoming street beggars in Western Europe.



Miia Autio: Variation of White

In Miia Autio's works, portraits of Tanzanian youths have been converted into negatives, in which the original colours become their opposites. Bright spots appear as shadows, and dark spots as light. Three works of the series are on view at the museum's collection corner Kuvakulma.



Ian Waelder: Who would be interested in an empty parking lot?

In his art, Ian Waelder examines skateboard and youth culture and their forms of reproducibility through film, photography or sound. In this exhibition, none of the images on view are originally taken by Waelder, but are reframings and edits of images taken from films, magazines and books that are influential in the skateboarding culture.



Life is... – Picturing everyday life of young people

Everyday life is repetitive; it does not go away. It's there again tomorrow, not going anywhere. Everyday life is often grey and dull. Everyday life is just everyday life. It’s the alarm clock ringing. It’s running to catch the bus; it’s homework, friends, playing games... It’s everything you want it to be. The exhibition by our museum's friendship class in Vuoniitty Comprehensive School examines the everyday life of a 7th-grader. The exhibition is on view at museum's Process Space.