May 2019



Photo: Ronja Tammenpää

Photofuss: Muutoksessa – In Transition

In this exhibition, Photofuss, the youth group of Finnish Museum of Photography, presents thoughts on things that are undergoing change.


Photo: Matti Koivumäki: Vallilantie 17, 1975. The Finnish Museum of Photography.

Matti Koivumäki: Puu-Vallila

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the building stock of Helsinki was modernised, as old buildings were frantically torn down to give way to new ones. For a period of two years, the photographer Matti Koivumäki (born 1950) spent time exploring his childhood home district and documented the Puu-Vallila area of wooden buildings, which was threatened with being condemned due to changes in town planning. The photographs in the exhibition are original gelatin silver prints from the years 1974–1976. The exhibition is on view at museum's collection corner Kuvakulma.


Uwa Iduozee: Sunny, from the series They walked on Water, 2018.

Festival of Political Photography 2019: Potentiality

The 2019 Festival of Political Photography explores the capacity for collective imagination and the potential for action. The festival highlights photography projects that deal with smaller and larger changes, as well as alternative mindsets and lifestyles.