August 2021

Cartes-de-visite from the Finnish Museum of Photography


 A view of a pedestrian and cycling path under a bridge. In the foreground is a blurry cyclist. In one pillar of the bridge there is an advertisement that has an old black and and white photograph. The ad says: " Do you notice how different worlds have been created in studios?"
Cartes-de-visite were the biggest photographic craze of the 19th century and early 20th century. The exhibition Cartes-de-visite from the Finnish Museum of Photography showcases cards from 1894 to 1920 at Länsilinkki in Ruoholahti.

Uwa Iduozee: Blind Spot(s)


Two black children. Other is a bit taller, and is leaning on the other’s head. Both have a light red collared shirt and both are looking straight into the camera.
Uwa Iduozee is a photographer and documentarist who strives to tell stories that are often neglected in mainstream media. Iduozee focuses particularly on structural racism and its impacts in both crisis situations and in day-to-day life.