September 2021

Street Photo Walk 14.9. - Lorenzo 'SerraGlia' Servi


Explore Helsinki with street photographer Lorenzo 'SerraGlia' Servi on the Street Photo Walk organized by The Finnish Museum of Photography! This Street Photo Walk is organized as part of the Helsinki Design Week programme.

Cartes-de-visite from the Finnish Museum of Photography


 A view of a pedestrian and cycling path under a bridge. In the foreground is a blurry cyclist. In one pillar of the bridge there is an advertisement that has an old black and and white photograph. The ad says: " Do you notice how different worlds have been created in studios?"
Cartes-de-visite were the biggest photographic craze of the 19th century and early 20th century. The exhibition Cartes-de-visite from the Finnish Museum of Photography showcases cards from 1894 to 1920 at Länsilinkki in Ruoholahti.

We are building new exhibitions


New exhibitions open at K1 on September 10 Susanna Majuri: Love Cecilia Vicuña: Songs to the Waters

Cecilia Vicuña: Songs to the Waters


Poetry and political resistance are inextricably intertwined in the artistic work of Cecilia Vicuña. The Chilean artist's works are on display for the first time in Finland.

Susanna Majuri: Love


The retrospective exhibition of the work of Susanna Majuri (1978–2020), titled Love, gathers together photographs from her entire career: her most well-known pieces are shown side by side with less common early works.