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Kämp Galleria
Mikonkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki
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Mon–Fri 11am–8pm, Sat–Sun 11am–6pm

The Finnish Museum of Photography

The Cable Factory
Kaapeliaukio 3, staircase G, 00180 Helsinki
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Tue–Sun 11 am. – 6 pm. Wed 11 am – 8 pm
The Cable Factory
Festival of Political Photography 2024 is about the diagnoses that society imposes on individuals and the collective resistance to them.
The Cable Factory
Phan Nguyen's exhibition is about the experiences of queer people living in the diaspora. It dives into questions of dual identities, integration, belonging and ethno-cultural roots,  with a particular focus on what it is like to experience connection across borders of countries and peoples, and…
The Cable Factory
Viewfinder is The Finnish Museum of Photography's first permanent exhibition. Hundreds of millions of photos are taken around the world every day. Why and how do photographs make us feel and act?
What is a photograph actually? What messages would you like to see in the urban space? Time Magic is an outdoor photography exhibition created by The Finnish Museum of Photography and the pupils of Ruoholahti Comprehensive School.