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Image service

Are you looking for images related to a certain topic? The museum’s experts will help you find what you are looking for. Before further inquiries, make sure you have as much information on the subject, theme, date and photographer of the material you are looking for. Customers can order digital files of images from our collections for research and publication purposes. The use of some of the material in the collections may be restricted. Contact via


For each order the museum and customer sign a contract. After the order is confirmed, it is charged according to our price list and terms regarding the use of the images. The customer will cover extra costs caused by, for example, packaging, mailing or bank transactions.

VAT 0%.

A 10€ administrative fee is added to orders, that are paid via other means than e-invoice. 

Price list

The prices below cover the use of a single image. A digitizing cost of 30 € per image will be charged for images which have not yet been digitized.

The rights for the pictures are given on a single-use basis. Further uses must be negotiated separately.

Printed publications
Small circulations and print runs ( less than 500 copies) = 50 €
Circulation or print run of 500-2000 copies = 80 €
Circulation or print run of over 2000 copies = 100 €
Book covers = 140 €

Onlne usage
Web pages and digital publications = 80 €

The prices below may rise depending on the scope and visibility of the campaign.
Online advertising = 300 €
Printed image, Television and movie commercials = 600 €
Outdoor advertising = 1000 €

Postcards, posters, calendars etc. = 170 €
Labels, product packaging and other products = 400 €
Stamps = 500 €

Digital image for exhibition use (less than 12 months) = 50 €
Digital image for exhibition use (over 12 months) = 100 €
Press images and marketing use = 25 € extra

Television, film and shows (theater etc.)  =100 €
Private use = 50 €

Re-use of a previously used image = -50 %
Orders of over 20 images = -10%
Theses: first image according to regular prices, the rest = 10 €

Extra charges
Digitizing = 30€
Urgent orders= +50%

Hourly rates
Information service (if over 1/2 h) = 60 €/h
Conservation = 60 €/h
Preparation of image files (photographing or scanning) = 60 €/h
Image processing = 60 €/h


Terms of delivery

Right of use
The rights to the pictures are given on a single-use basis. The right of use cannot be sold or transferred. The Finnish Museum of Photography and the photographer must be credited for the use of the image. The customer has the responsibility of acting in compliance with Finnish laws on copyrights and protection of privacy. (Copyright law 446/1995, law 1654/1995, law 821/2005 copyright act 574/1995)

The photographs cannot be processed or cropped without permission. Images must be returned after use. Digital files cannot be archived, copied or distributed without permission.

Time of delivery
Small orders (1–5 images) will usually be delivered within a week. Urgent orders will charge an extra of 10–50%. Delivery time of larger orders may vary.

The term of payment is 14 days. Delays in payment are charged with an interest rate in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act.

Compensations for damages
Unauthorized use of images will be charged according to our price-list +100%. Damaged, destroyed or lost material will be charged equal to manufacturing costs +50€.

Researches and publications
The customer will be asked to donate a copy of the research or publication, which uses images from the museum’s collections, to the museum’s library.

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