Our exhibitions at The Cable Factory and Kämp Galleria are open for visitors.


The Finnish Museum of Photography

Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People’s View

The Cable Factory
The exhibition takes us to the United States of the 1960s, to a particular moment and place in history, and reminds us of the role of photography as an intermediary between memories and collective remembrance.

Ritva Kovalainen & Sanni Seppo: Forests of the North Wind

K1 Kämp Galleria
Forests of the North Wind is the final part of a forest trilogy based on research through photographic art by Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo, culminating their three decades of work on forest themes

Veera Konsti: It's Complicated

The Cable Factory
Filled with kitsch, golden frames, fur, and glitter, Veera Konsti's exhibition carnivalizes and parodies the traditions of both painting and nature photography.

Katja Eydel: Educational

The Cable Factory
Katja Eydel reflects on how identity is shaped through the functioning of social structures, such as state-run institutions and other organizations.

Museum's collections in Finna

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More than 2,000 collection photos are digitally available in Finna. The material includes photographic art, early history of photography, portraits, snapshots, fashion photographs, photojournalism and much more. New images will be published regularly in Finna.

Culture Kids

 New cultural operators start as sponsors for children born in 2022. The Finnish Museum of Photography joins the service!

Guided tours and workshops

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Come and experience the exhibitions with our tour guides!

Looking to Understand Inclusion

‘Looking to Understand Inclusion’ is a 2-year project funded through the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. It aims to support educators from local arts and education communities to use the Visual Thinking Strategies method to promote social inclusion with children.

Safer space principles

The Finnish Museum of Photography is a space for learning, where everyone is free to engage, hesitate, and ask questions.

Welcome to the museum, safely

We have increased measures to ensure visitor safety. Read on to find out what measures have been introduced at the museum in order to make your visit as safe and pleasant as possible.

Museum's collections on Flickr

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Take a look at our collections! There are hundreds of free-to-use photographs on our Flickr Commons account. When reusing the images, please include an attribution to the photographer and the Finnish Museum of Photography. When using the photos online, please also provide a link to our Flickr page, so others can explore and use our collections.

General information

The Finnish Museum of Photography is Finland's national specialized museum for photography. Through exhibitions, collection management, research, education and a wide range of public and community programmes, the museum strives to promote and foster photographic art and culture in Finland. Founded on the initiative of Finnish photography organizations, the museum opened its doors in 1969.
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