Konsta Leppänen: Sarjasta 3,6 m tai enemmän / From the series 3,6 m or more


Eleven photographers went to look for Finland. They discovered children's nature trips, national diseases, Russians in Lappeenranta, a man shut away in a room, a national landscape, Chechen refugees, Johanna Tukiainen, death, home, peacekeepers and Santa Claus. A number of different subjects form a collage that reflects the view of Finland held by the free-rider generation. The series of photographs looks at the nation through details, bringing together a variety of clichés and surprises.

11-collective are: Ossi Ahola, Rami Hanafi, Touko Hujanen, Miisa Kaartinen, Evelin Kask, Meeri Koutaniemi, Konsta Leppänen, Arttu Muukkonen, Sakari Piippo, Aleksi Poutanen and Maija Tammi.

11-collective web site: www.yksitoista.fi

11-collective magazine by creative agencyTsto can be bought in the museum shop.

Meet the artists: Wednesday 27.2. at 18.30–19.30. Free entrance.



Ossi Ahola (b.1981) www.ossiahola.com

Rami Hanafi (b. 1979) www.viewmasters.fi/rami

Touko Hujanen (b.1986) www.toukohujanen.com

Miisa Kaartinen (b.1984) www.krop.com/valokuvaajamiisa/

Evelin Kask (b.1989) www.evelinkask.com/

Meeri Koutaniemi (b.1987) www.meeri.fi

Konsta Leppänen (b.1988) www.konstakuva.com/wordpress

Arttu Muukkonen (b.1984) www.arttumuukkonen.com

Sakari Piippo (b.1981) www.sakaripiippo.com/

Aleksi Poutanen (b.1985) http://aleksipoutanen.com/

Maija Tammi(.1985) http://www.maijatammi.com/

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