Artist talk with Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park & Iida Valmé

From left to right: Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park & Iida Valmé

The artists of the exhibition Your Body Changes Everything will talk about their work at an artist talk at the Finnish Museum of Photography on Sunday 23.4.2023 at 2pm - 3pm.

Your Body Changes Everything, presenting works from three artists, Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, and Iida Valmé, is an exhibition about the relationship between contemporary photography and trans and queer identities. It talks about the joys of shared resistance, and about how living trans and queer lives becomes possible through stories that are told of them. 

Come and listen as exhibition curator Orlan Ohtonen interviews Ahmad, Park and Valmé about the exhibition themes, queer and trans representation and their work more broadly. The language of the conversation will be English. 

Museum entrance fee / Museum card.


Roza Ahmad aka Roza Coco Ninja (she/her) is a versatile performer and artist, who is acknowledged for being a member of the international Ballroom collective House of Ninja. She has documented the European based Ballroom community, with the aim of manifesting various shapes and forms of queer. Ahmad’s work pays tribute to the roots and communities of Ballroom culture and exhibiting Brown bodies and cultural diversity is a key component in her imagery.  


Coyote Park (he/they) is a 2Spirit, Indigenous (Yurok) Korean-American transgender artist whose practice includes photography, film, writing, performance, painting, and producing. They were raised in the Kingdom of Hawai'i, on the island of Oahu, and are currently based in Los Angeles. Park’s practice centers queer love, community, and trans futures, creating important narratives of joyful trans and queer living. 


Iida Valmé (she/they) is a Finnish-Haitian-American queer artist currently based in Helsinki. Their work includes filmmaking, writing, painting and sculpting. A central part of Valmé’s creative process is to form loving connections with others and for them, community building is the ultimate path to liberation. They look at artistic practice as a space for continuous learning through joy and play. 

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