Time Magic

Outdoor photography exhibition by the students of Ruoholahti Comprehensive School


What is a photograph actually? What messages would you like to see in the urban space? And what type of images are created from words or what kind of words do images produce?

Pupils from Ruoholahden koulu were pondering these and other questions in workshops organized by the Finnish Museum of Photography in the spring of 2023. During the workshop, the students took photos based on the following themes: sports, everyday life, environment, cats, animals, trees and plants. In addition to their own images, the students have selected images from the museum’s collections to display on the underpass columns.


Although children and young people photograph more than ever before, they need guidance in visual culture, where viewing, showing, taking pictures, interpreting, valuing and imagining play a key role. In this project, children and young people are seen as artists and active actors in relation to their own immediate environment and its well-being. With the exhibition, the children's and young people's own visual culture will have a prominent and long-lasting place in the public, urban space.

Erja Salo, Head of Education and Public programmes 


Children walking in the Länsilinkki underpass.
Photo: Virve Laustela, The Finnish Museum of Photography


3rd graders
Cats, animals, trees and plants

Aatos, Elias, Hugo, Hugo, Jasmiina, Justus, Leo, Mikael, Moona, Phuc, Rosalee, Saara, Sara, Tiitus, Veeti

Elias, Inna, Jimi, Joanna, Joel, Leo, Matias, Max, Miro, Niila, Nilla, Niko, Olivia, Otso, Samija, Samuele, Valtteri, Väinö

Teachers: Arja Smolander, Elina Hiidenpalo


Preparatory class

Abisaar, Adelina, Arsenii, Daniil, Dima, Dymytro, Ivan, Jacky, Katya, Lolita, Maxim, Misha, Oleksander, Roksolana, Sebastian, Snikitha, Trisha, Tristan, Varvara, Varvara, Viktoria, Yehor, Zoriana

Teachers: Satu Villikka, Juan Kasari

5th graders
Everyday life and the environment

Aaro, Alvar, Daniel, Eelis, Elvi, Eveliina, Iines, Inka, Jacqueline, Jeremias, Lilya, Luka, Maxim, Mustaq, Oiva, Robi, Sara, Seela, Valtteri, Vasilisa

Teacher: Panu Helanterä


Images from the museum’s collections:

Ulla-Maija Hänninen, Ulla Jokisalo, Jukka Lehtinen, K-G Roos, Pentti Sammallahti, Antero Takala, Tapio Vanhatalo

Museum team: Vippe Lemin, Kastehelmi Korpijaakko, Erja Salo

Graphic design: Anna Neva


The Finnish Museum of Photography’s collections and public programs departments have organized exhibitions in the Länsilinkki column gallery since 2018.

The Ministry of Education and Culture supports exhibitions at Baana.


Musta teksti valkoisella pohjalla.


Musta teksti valkoisella pohjalla.


Column gallery

00180 Helsinki


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