VUOSAARI 21 – Tracing good life

Mitä on hyvä elämä sinulle, minulle, meille? Kenen hyvä on tärkein?
Vad är det goda livet för dej, för mej, för oss? Vems välmående är viktigast?
What does a good life mean to you, me, us? Whose good is the most important?
Milline on hea elu sulle, mulle, meile? Kelle hea on üle kõige?
Но что такое хорошая жизнь для тебя, меня, для нас? Чье благо важнее всего?
Was bedeutet gutes Leben für Dich, mich und uns? Wessen gut ist am wichtigsten?
Que significa buena vida para tí, para mi y para nosotros? El bienestar de quién es lo más importante? C’est quoi la bonne vie pour toi, pour moi et pour nous? Le bien-être de qui est le plus importante?
O que é uma vida boa pra você, pra mim, pra nós? O bem estar de quem é o mais importante?
؟ّمهألا مهّياو ؟ًاعيمج انلو يل ،كل ةبسنلاب ةدّيجلا ةايحلا يه ام


VUOSAARI 21 – Tracing good life​


Klockriketetatern, KOM-theatre and the Finnish Museum of Photography have been collaborating around different art and culture experiences in the Vuosaari area for the past six years. Together with local people and organizations we have been exploring the secrets of a good life.  

This polymorphous collaboration manifested as an arts and culture festival VUOSAARI 21 – Tracing good life in Vuosaari in the fall of 2021.

In October 2021 a publication was released that collects some of the material we have been working with during the Vuosaari 21 project.


VUOSAARI 21 – Tracing good life​

Dances with trees - Vuosaari 21 Autumn Festival opening
15.8.2021  klo 16–17
Lokkisaari park, Vuosaari


Photo: Ida Rosenblad

An ode to nature, connection, listening and shared joy. The mossy birches, the robust pinewoods, the persistent junipers, the curved willows and the slightly sorrowful spruces invite us to a dance. The songs of the wind and the birds mix together with the mellow tunes of harp, contrabase, saxophone, harmonium and percussions. Aerial dancers soar off the branches of the surrounding trees.  


Premiere of the short film Päähenkilöt
Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, Vuosaari…

"I sit here. Always. This pond is my living room"

In the northern part of Vuosaari, near the old mall, there's a pond. More often than not, a group of people gathers here. All of their paths leading to the pond have been very different. The Vuosaari 21 team wanted to get to kow the and hear their stories. As it got colder, the storytellig continued at a local pub.

Based on this we created the short film Päähenkilöt, the Protagonists, i which these humane life stories are told by a half fictional character, the so-called janitor of the pond.


Vyöhyke V | Zon V | Tsooni V | Зона B | Aagga V | V منطقة
The Old Vuosaari High School
Vuosaarentie 7, Vuosaari

Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko

Abandoned spaces, lost spaces, found spaces, spaces in between.
A familiar, unknown area and state of mind, constantly changing.
Zone V is a journey to the past, the present and the future,
to different lives and realities.
Zone V is a journey to inner spectacles on the stages of the mind!

A multisensory site sensitive exhibition & performance was a collaboration with the artist collective KOKIMO. It was inspired by the stories, feelings and realities of the local people in Vuosaari – and by the old school building itself.

Premere: October 11, 2021
Performances: October 14-31,2021 – thurs, fri, sat at 6 pm & 8 pm, sun at 8 pm
Duration: 1,5 h
Language: multilingual/wordless


World premiere for the choir piece Kangaslammen rannat at the Vuosaari Light Festival
21.11 at 4-7 pm
Kangaslampi, Vuosaari

The Light Festival in November is a Vuosaari tradition! We gather to celebrate the darkest time of the year.

This was the final part of the Vuosaari 21 Autumn Festival, and an ending to our six year project around community art in the area. As we said our goodbyes and prepared to let go, we were also looking forward to the new light of the spring. Thank you to each and everyone who has been a part of Vuosaari 21!


4-6:30 pm Light workshop with Laura Pokela
4:30 pm Kangaslammen rannat – choir performance, Klockriketeatern & Discantus choir 
5:30 Music: Lammen taikaa – Kaisa Siirala, saxophone & the Discantus choir 
6:30 pm Kangaslammen rannat – choir performance, Klockriketeatern & Discantus choir  
+ Art pavilions by the Kangaslampi lake, reflecting the memories and hopes of the local people in Vuosaari.



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