Photo: Matias Toivonen, 2011

Breaking the Silence II

What does a city look like to a homeless person? Where can you rest, eat or go for a wash? Once your basic needs have been met, what else do you have the energy to notice? And what does it feel like to move from the street into your own home? The seven individual series of pictures in the exhibition in the Process space give us some idea.

The exhibition photographers have personal experience of homelessness. They have used photography to look at their own lives – at what homelessness and the shift from homelessness to having a home mean to them. The exhibition as a whole tells us about these people’s lives, about how they survived, about the moments when life has meaning.

Breaking the Silence II is a continuation of Breaking the Silence shown at Kiasma in 2010, arranged by Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry (NGO No Fixed Abode). The exhibition photographers are Risto Haverinen, Esa Palenius, Meile Pentikäinen, Sergei Sadejeff, Niko Suomalainen, Esko Tiihonen and Matias Toivonen.

This exhibition and the previous project have been carried out and run by photographer and art educator Liisa Söderlund, MA, as part of her PhD research at the Aalto University’s School of Art and Design.

The project is being supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Otto A. Malm Foundation, Oy Nikon Ab, Clas Ohlson, No Fixed Abode, and Toimiva taide ry.

Meet the artist Sun 23.10. at 14:00 and Wed 9.11. at 18:00.

The entrance to this exhibition is free.

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