Research grants

Börje Söderholm toimistossaan, 1960, Suomen valokuvataiteen museo.

The Finnish Museum of Photography annually awards scholarships for research on photography. The scholarships are based on The Börje and Dagmar Söderholm Fund, founded by the photographer Börje Söderholm (1922–1998) and his wife, Dagmar.

A grant of around 10,000 euros is announced for application. It can be divided between several applicants. The Board of the Foundation of the Finnish Museum of Photography decides the recipient of the grant or, alternatively, the distribution of the grant to several applicants.

The application can be written freely, and it should include the following information: 

  • the amount of money needed
  • the purpose of the grant (i.e. what the applicant intends to do with the grant),
  • a timetable plan 
  • what other funding the project has

The significance of the project must be justified, and a research plan (max. 5 pages) must be attached to the application. The application is submitted as a single .pdf file.

Additional information: Museum director Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, +358 41 5141991,

Submission of applications: Applications are submitted by e-mail to the address Enter "Söderholm fund" in the subject field. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday 26 April 2024 at 23:59.

Research grants 2023 

At its meeting on 3rd May 2023, the Board of the Finnish Museum of Photography Foundation has awarded two grants from the Börje and Dagmar Söderholm Fund: 

EUR 5000 to MA, BA Lumi (Hannele) Kauppinen for their doctoral thesis on the transformation of the image of animals.  

EUR 5000 to MA Aura Saarikoski for their doctoral thesis Sumuiset todet – autofiktion ilmentymiä valokuvataiteessa. 

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