Our values

The values of the Finnish Museum of Photography


  • We enable and develop discourses on photography and photographic art.
  • We are passionate about making the voices of our employees, audiences, and collaborators heard.
  • We create space for dialogue and we are open to all feedback and critique. We understand open conversation and transparency to be part of the very bedrock of the museum community.
  • We develop our guidelines and synergize our working environment through constructive communication.


  • We are a creative community with a desire to inspire future art. Innovations and new approaches are important to us, and our vision is directed with professionalism and open-minded dialogue.
  • We actively take part in public social discourse.
  • We want to help the museum industry thrive.
  • We are proactive in seeking ecological solutions to solving industry-wide challenges and the global climate crisis.


  • To us, responsibility means vouchsafing cultural heritage, making it accessible and utilizing cultural artefacts with care.
  • We support and develop equitable work practices and contract policies in the art world generally as well in the museum business, as in our own working community.
  • We take responsibility for the accessibility of the museum for the benefit of all.
  • We are committed to promoting social justice.


  • We see the world(s) of photography as an actively morphing force, the historical and contemporary understanding of which are at the core of the museum enterprise.
  • Professional specialization to us means boldly learning and standing up for information for the  benefit of the whole community.
  • We develop our own expertise with long-term goals. We are daring and critical.
  • We support and respect the expertise of other organisations and week ways to collaborate on deepening our collective know-how.
Kämp Galleria
Mikonkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki
See on the map Kämp Galleria
Opening hours
Mon–Fri 11am–8pm, Sat–Sun 11am–6pm
16/6/0 €
Under 18 y.o. free admission
The Cable Factory
Kaapeliaukio 3, 00180 Helsinki
See on the map The Cable Factory
Opening hours
Tue–Sun 11 am. – 6 pm. Wed 11 am – 8 pm
12/6/0 €, 16/6/0 € from January 1st 2024
Under 18 y.o. free admission