Open call selections for the gallery space at The Cable Factory

We have now ended the application procedures for the gallery space of the Finnish museum of photography. We have chosen 7 applications from the 175 that we received, continuing the exhibition period until the end of 2024 because of the large number of great applications.

Our decissions were based on shared conversations, in which the following criterias were highlighted:

  • It was important to us, that the theme of the open call was approached with an in depth consideration.  We chose applications that were focused especially on the relationship between the thematics of body and power.
  • We prioritised projects in which photography played a key role, or in which photography had been used in an interesting way in relation to the the call’s topic.
  • We chose applicants that are currently in different stages of their artistic careers. We also considered how the chosen projects compliment each other in their different approaches to the theme.

The chosen artists are: Wanda Holopainen and working group, Valtteri Kleemola, Haley Morris, Phan Nguyen, Viljami Nissi, Patricia Rodas ja Jonne Sippola.  

Curator Nimco Kulmiye Hussein was invited to be a part of the selection panel for this open call. On behalf of the museum, curators Orlan Ohtonen and Tiina Rauhala participatd in the panel.



Theme of the open call 2023-2024

"Our bodies frame that which we recognize in each other and ourselves." - Judith Butler

The open call for the period of autumn 2023 and spring 2024 was guided by the theme "rebellious body". The thematic emphasis offered an opportunity for the museum and the selected artists and other agents to delve deeper into the subject and related prevailing questions, such as:

What kind of situations does the body rebel against? What causes rebellion and why is it always present in some bodies?

Some bodies are more politicized than others – they are restrained, managed, controlled, or misused as instruments of power. What  kind of body demands liberation? What happens, when a body turns into a political actor?

What is the collective body like, standing against something, or for someone - positioning itself next to something as an exclamation mark? In the midst of rebellion, how does the body relate to others around it?
The museum encouraged applicants to approach the topic through these questions or others they find important in relation to the theme. The application period was open to all lens-based productions. You coud apply alone or as a group.

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The Cable Factory
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